Just a Thought


I often find myself thinking that this applies to a lot of people and situations. A Good Will Hunting situation, if you will. Think of how many amazing thinkers, athletes, performers, and humanitarians are overlooked because of their lack of financial power or other circumstances beyond their control, i.e., lack of a rich daddy, proximity to a major city, or even those who give up their dreams in order to care for a loved one. I think of the cluster fuck that is Beyonce and Alicia Keys performing at every national event, and I love Alicia, but there are definitely more talented individuals out there (don’t even get me started on Beyonce). There are better soccer players kicking around a rubber band ball in Africa than David Beckham, Better actors out there than Anne Hathaway (in fact, you will find better actors in your local theater than 99.9% of Hollywood, the nepotism capital of the world) and even better thinkers than Stephen Hawking (although I respect the hell out of the man, and do not discount any of his work. The point is, we should stop idolizing people who possess subpar talent and open our eyes to the possibility that amazing individuals exist through all walks of life; your circumstances should not dictate your place in this world.

(Thank you to Alex G. GOP Stopper and Veruca for the Photo and Caption)

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One Response to Just a Thought

  1. heathercann says:

    Something totally worth remembering. Thanks for the thought!

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