Burqa Ban: Pulling The Veil Over Civil Liberties?

The Story:  France- Two women were arrested on Monday for wearing a burqa, which is a long veil that completely covers the face and body.  The burqa, part of radical muslim tradition has been banned in France because the French Government believes it promotes radical religious extremism.  The fine for wearing a burqa is equal to $125.  If you are found to be forcing someone to wear a burqa, you may be punished up to a year in prison.

Why it Matters: The burqa is not required by muslim tradition, rather it is a choice that women make themselves.  France has the largest Muslim population in Europe, however only 2,000 women choose to wear a burqa.  If a burqa was required by muslim tradition, would France get away with banning an element of an entire religion?  Why doesn’t the personal choice of these few women matter to a government in which they pay taxes and support?

Shop Talk: Clear use of the 5 w’s, very informative.  Gives a clear explanation of the law as well as different beliefs from muslim individuals as to whether or not ban should have been put in place.

Would Have Been Nice: More information as to how this law came into effect.  It’s clear that the President supports the law, but who initially proposed the law?

The Link:http://www.usatoday.com/news/world/2011-04-11-Burqa_N.htm

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