Super Strain of Salmonella: You May Never Want Turkey Again!

The Story:  In the U.S., there has been a recent outbreak of Salmonella poisoning found to be resistant to commonly prescribed antibiotics, such as amoxicillin and tetracycline.  This particular strain, Salmonella Hadar, is believed to have originated from Jennie-O’s  frozen turkey burger patties.  The outbreak led to a recall of 55,000 lbs worth of turkey meat. So far,  there have been no deaths linked to this particular outbreak.

Why it Matters: Consumers generally look to turkey burgers as a healthy alternative to beef burgers.  With a recall as large as 55,000 lbs, the FDA might want to investigate other companies who produce turkey burger patties to assure the public that all standards of quality and safety are being met.

Shop Talk: Clear use of the 5 w’s, very informative.  Gives consumers the exact item that was recalled as well as the states that have experienced the salmonella outbreak.

Would Have Been Nice: A comment from a representative of the USDA, as well as  a comment from Jennie-O’s people.  Also, what type of medicine is being administered in place of the common antibiotics mentioned?

The Link:

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