Vegan Baby Death: Child Neglect Or Plain Ignorance?

The Story:  A couple in France stood trial today in the death of their 11 month old baby boy back in 2008.  The baby, who was fed only breast milk, was underweight, sickly, and had vitamins a and b12 deficiencies.  The couple, Sergine and Joel Le Moaligou eat a vegan diet with no consumption of animal products, including meat and dairy.  If found guilty, the Le Moaligous could face 30 years in prison.

Why it Matters: Placing a dietary restriction on an infant that is not doctor recommended can be devastating to the child’s health.  A vegan diet for an adult may have certain health benefits, but children must grow and develop their brain and body through nutrition found beyond a vegan diet.  It’s possible that the parents thought mother’s milk was the healthiest option for their child and have found out the hard way that this is simply not true.  This story serves as a wake up call to parents around the world who may put unhealty restrictions on their child’s diet; let a child enjoy food that’s healthy and nutricious and make their own choices to eat a severely restricted diet if they so please.

Shop Talk: Clear use of the 5 w’s, very short yet to the point.  Includes a quote from law enforcement. 

Would Have Been Nice: A quote from the defense attorney about the parents’ innocence or unintentional harm.  Also, a quote from a medical professional and possibly a Vegan association with reference to a healthy vegan diet safe for babies.

The Link:

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