Bronx Bus Crash: Convicted Killer Behind the Wheel

The Story: Police are investigating Ophadell Williams, the bus driver who may be responsible for Saturday morning’s bus crash in the Bronx, which killed 15 people.  Mr. Williams was a convicted felon (manslaughter and theft) whose license had previously been suspended.  Officials are looking into why he was able to obtain a commercial license.  He is also under investigation for the crash because his story of being sideswiped by a tractor-trailer did not match with surviving passengers stories of what happened that morning.

Why it Matters: Mr. Williams was convicted of manslaughter, theft, and had a previously suspended license, yet he was still given the privilege of operating a commercial vehicle.  If someone with such an extensive record is able to hold the lives of dozens of people in his hands, what does that say for other commercial drivers or even airline pilots?  The government puts pressure on passengers traveling but seem to care little about operators of these dangerous vehicles.

Shop Talk: Clear use of the 5 w’s, short and straight to the point.  Includes a video from New York One as well as a quote from the National Transportation Safety Board Chairman. 

Would Have Been Nice: A quote or interview with the bus company that hired Williams, as well as a breakdown of the screening process for hiring a bus driver.  A quote from a witness who was not on the bus would be nice, although it’s unlikely that they would be able to talk to the public this early into the investigation.

The Link:

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