Charlie Sheen: Mental Anguish or Out of His Mind?

The Story: Actor Charlie Sheen is suing producers of his hit tv show, “Two and a Half Men” for 320 million dollars after production was cancelled and Sheen was banned from the Warner Brothers set.  This comes after Sheen went on a ranting against the producers, particularly Chuck Lorre, on a couple of radio interviews, such as the “Alex Jones Show”.  Sheen was receiving treatment for drug and alcohol abuse at his home when he declared himself sober and ready to go back to work.  The producers were not ready to take him back.  “Men” has earned Warner Brothers several hundred million dollars so far, with an estimated gain of 600 million dollars in syndication in the next couple of years.

Why it Matters: Sources maintain that Sheen was always ready and able to work on “Men”; the producers are butting into Sheen’s personal life and problems with the insistence of mandatory rehab for the star.  At what point is it ok for our employers to cross the line into our personal lives and habits if we are not contractually obligated to submit to drugs and alcohol screenings?

Shop Talk: Clear use of the 5 w’s, excellent flow from point to point, short, clear, several quotes from Sheen and other sources.

Would Have Been Nice: A quote from Chuck Lorre and an interview clip from the Alex Jones Show. 

The Link:

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