Arvada Police: Insensitive to Tourette’s Syndrome

The Story: Arvada, Colorado. Police have arrested an 11-year-old boy who suffers from Tourette’s Syndrome after it was found that he drew a picture of himself shooting his teacher and others.  The boy, “Tim”,  was told by his therapist to use drawing as an outlet to control his outbursts in class.  The school was not going to press charges but changed their minds after the Arvada Police intervened.  He was booked, charged with a third degree misdemeanor, and put on probation.

Why it Matters: Tourette’s syndrome affects many children in America.  It’s important to be sensitive to the child, who has little to no control over their outbursts.  Tim’s psychiatrist believes that arresting and punishing “Tim” will do more harm than good.

Shop Talk: Clear use of the 5 w’s, includes a video with the drawing in question, and commentary from the parent and psychiatrist.

Would Have Been Nice: Commentary from the Arvada Police chief and the principal, and possibly an expert on Tourette’s Syndrome. 

The Link:,0,7099823.story

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