Born this Way: Original or Express Yourself Light?

The Story: Grammy Award winning artist Lady Gaga released her long awaited and much hyped single, “Born this Way”. Gaga has billed it as the new “Gay Anthem” and the “Single of the Decade”. Immediately after the song was released, it was being billed as a rip off of Madonna’s huge hit of the 90’s, “Express Yourself”. Some even went as far as calling it a nod to several of Madonna’s hits, including “Vogue” and “Like a Prayer”. Not everyone was hard on Gaga, however. Long Island Disc Jockey DJ Uch defended Gaga, claiming that every artists borrows from the past and her audience, like her, are too young to even notice the similarities because “Express Yourself” is before their time.

Why it Matters: Lady Gaga has based her image around her being an original artist who thinks outside of box and applies this philosophy to everything from her stage performances to running errands. That being said, there have been numerous comparisons to other artists that have come before her, and she is seen as a blatent rip off by many people. In other words, Gaga may not be an original, and finally the public and her “Little Monsters” (her fans) might understand that they have been taken for a ride, figuratively speaking.

Shop Talk: Clear use of the five W’s, quotes from several “Gaga Experts” and a video commentary about the issue.

Would Have Been Nice: An audio clip of both “Born this Way” and “Express Yourself” could have really taken this article to the next level. A comment from Madonna’s camp would have helped because the most important opinion on whether or not “Born this Way” is a rip off, is of course, Madonna.

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