Carlina White: The Saga Continues

The Story:  February 8, 2011, The Daily Mail UK reported that 23 year old Carlina White, the young woman who was abducted from a New York City hospital by Ann Pettyway, and subsequently raised as her own, has turned her back on her biological family.  It was revealed that Carlina is upset that her biological parents have spent the $750,000 settlement received by the hospital, which was supposed to be put into a trust for Carlina.  Carlina is back with her “adoptive” family in Atlanta, the only family she has known, and is using the name Nejdra Nance, the name her kidnapper had given her.

Why it Matters:  Pettyway is in jail awaiting a grand jury’s decision in her case.  If Carlina is forgiving of her kidnapper, and ultimately supports Pettyway’s return, it could possibly pave the way for a lighter sentencing, if any sentence at all.  There is no doubt that Pettyway kidnapped this young woman, but her confession and relationship with her “child” could prove devastating to the White Family, who seek justice for the loss of their daughter.

Shop Talk:  Short, clear, gets to the point.  Plenty of commentary from Joy White, Carlina’s mom.  Good mention of the “Today Show” interview, and a good amount of pictures of the those involved in this scandal.

Would Have Been Nice:  The Daily Mail should have attempted to contact Carlina, they have a large budget, they could have thrown a few dollars her way to get her talking.  Also, what exactly happened to that money?  A diagram of some sort showing how the Whites have lived over the years, such as buying a house or cars, whether or not they were employed or just lived off of the settlement money.  Finally, a quote from the Pettyway family as to how Carlina is doing and what they think about her strained relationship with her biological family.

The Link:

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